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Celebrating 350 years of Lund University

On Friday evening, Lund University invited all students, faculty and alumni to celebrate 350 years of the university.

There was music, short talks discussing the research being done at the university and of course food! With a group of girlfriends,  I traveled from Helsingborg to Lund for the event. Upon entering the party, we received a medal to commemorate the 350 year celebration. I think we can wear it at graduation, but for now it is just on my fridge.

There were almost 6,000 people at the celebration which was held in the square in front of the main university building. We mingled with other students. The ceremony was in Swedish, so I didn't really get much out of it... at least I had a chance to practice my Swedish (which is still terrible by the way).

This is not the only event celebrating the 350 anniversary, there are many events planned throughout the semester until  January 2018. Maybe my Swedish will be a little better before I attend the next event.

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